Master of Management Studies (MMS)

Master of Management Studies is a postgraduate programme in management studies. The course spreads over four semesters over a period of two years. The programme provides an insight into the core as well as specialized subjects in management.

The first year consists of 2 semesters which are designed for understanding the basic principles of business and the second year emphasizes on the core as well as special subjects such as marketing, finance, human resources, and operations. This programme is much more same as other professional management courses like MBA or PGDM.

Master of Management Studies course will help the students to gain adequate knowledge and practical skills in the candidate to plan and optimize resources for maximum productivity. Students have to undertake two months summer internship with an organization after the completion of the first year and complete a live project. This summer internship is an amazing opportunity to unite academic concepts with live practical situations.

The professional course study helps the candidate to gain adequate skills in supervision and control of business activities and to plan and handle employees at the same time. The same acts as a platform to increase the knowledge base of the candidate and to acquire entrepreneurial skills. Master of Management Studies course study acts as base work for one to have doctoral level courses in Management. Further, the candidate can obtain a lucrative career in their interested domain of specialization.

Source:- CollegeDunia