Population1.96 crores (approx.)
CurrencyRomanian Leu
Key CitiesTimișoara
Exchange Rate1 NR = .16.68 INR
GDP per capita $ 2,447.2 crores
Climate Average 29 °C

MBBS in Romania

In the recent years Medical Schools/ Universities of Eastern Europe have become a popular destination for students from all over the world due to the affordable tuition fees and the excellent quality of education. In the past post soviet countries such as Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia were very popular for students from Middle East, Asia and Africa but Romania is now a favorite destination for students from all over the globe. With accession to the European Union in 2007, the country has seen development at pace no other country could dream. Thousands of international students from Sweden, France, Greece, Italy are now studying in Romania. There is also an increased number of students from USA and Canada. We strongly recommend MBBS/PG Medical courses in Romania as  the first choice for students from middle class background. Romania with its affordable tuition fees, modern education and great clinical exposure is an excellent alternative to the expensive Medical Schools in the West and private Medical schools in India. Romania is a part of European Union and will be a part of the Schengen zone in 2011 enabling hassle free travel to students in all schengen countries. MBBS Admission in Romania: Romanian medical universities offer long term MBBS degree programs on General Medicine and Pharmacy. The MBBS degree is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), British Medical Council (BMC), MCEC (Medical Council of European Countries), USMLE (Unites States Medical Licensing Examination) and MCI (Medical Council of India). Students aspiring to pursue higher studies with specialties in the fields of Surgery, Orthopedics & Traumatology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, Ophthalmology etc, get ample opportunities to be placed in the same universities after due completion of the MBBS program and achieving the degree. With such a promising atmosphere, Romania may be considered as the perfect destination for undergoing MBBS through the most convenient, relevant and affordable education system.

 About Romania

Romania is a home to the immigrants especially for those who are looking forward to a peaceful and favorable environment to escalate their MBBS career through various educational curriculums. With a sound political atmosphere, Romania is one of the safest and seamless destinations for international students. The universities widely offer programs in English, Romanian, German and French languages, which attract numerous students from different corners of the globe. Due to its high quality infrastructure, the country has become one of the most internationally proclaimed destinations for various educational programs.


Bordered by the Danube River in its south-eastern frontier, Romania offers a picturesque landscape which is a perfect potpourri of mountains, hills, plains and sea beaches. Molduveanu peak in the Carpathian ranges is a trekkers’ paradise. Constanta, a town located on the edges of Black sea is just 200 kilometers away from the capital city of Bucharest and is a delight to the beach lovers. The geographical diversity is aptly complemented by floral and faunal diversity of the country. The Danube delta in the estuarine region of Black sea is declared a “World Heritage Site” due to its biodiversity.


Romania records an average annual temperature of 8oC in the north and 11oC in the southern parts, Romania offers a continental and temperate climate with four enjoyable and discrete seasons. Summers are warm to hot, and the winters are cold. You will have to wear light clothes during the summers and heavy clothes in layers during the winter.


After Cold War, Romania strengthened its ties with the United States and the Western Europe and also joined the NATO in 2004. It also hosted the 2008 NATO summit at Bucharest. It became a member of the European Union in 1995. Due to its remarkable economic growth, the country ably curbed internal poverty and successfully elevated the living and educational standards in the recent past.

Quality of education and infrastructure

All the universities not only provide best of the faculty and teaching staff but also are well equipped with the best quality modern medical instruments. The apparatus offered in the laboratories in universities includes Spectrophotometer with ultraviolet radiation, microscope integrated with photographic camera, radiology and CT-scan equipment etc. The universities impart meticulously planned professional education with best of the infrastructures available across the globe. Incorporating an unbelievably low tuition fee, the course curriculum includes a detailed study and practical training program.

Admission procedure

All the medical universities of Romania offer admission based on previous academic performances, taking into consideration, the marks scored in Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry. The tuition fees do not incorporate any kind of donation. The duration of the course (including internship) is 6 years. The students need to submit transcripts of the highest obtained degrees, official bank statement copy, marks obtained in TOEFL or IELTS along with the application form. Excellent English skills are mandatory for you.