Population39,491,800 (approx.)
ReligionArmenian Apostolic Church
CurrencyBelarusian Ruble
Key CitiesGrodno, Gomel, Grodno & Viciebsk
Exchange Rate1 Belarusian Ruble = 34.07 INR
GDP per capita$5,726.03
ClimateAnnual Avg. 7°C

MBBS in Belarus

MBBS in Belarus is getting popular among students who are generally late applicants for MCI recognized medical college or universities in Russian and the medical seats are filled up. This is due to the fact that, Belarus is a smaller country with lesser infrastructure as compared to Russia. Russian medical seats get generally filled up by June end. Since Gomel state medical University is among one of the top medical universities in Belarus as well as MBBS College in Belarus and is approved by MCI. Studying MBBS in Belarus for Indian students became a great option for student who wants to pursue their MBBS abroad. It is indeed a wonderful option to study medicine and surgery in Belarus as well.  There is wide list of medical Universities in Belarus.

About Belarus:

MBBS in Belarus is located in the eastern part of Europe and is bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. It is a growing economy with strongest emphasis on manufacturing and industrial sector. Majority of the population in this country lives in the urban areas. There are two official languages in the country, and these are Russian and Belarusian. There is no official religion but orthodox Christianity is practiced. The education system of the country is well-developed attracting several students from various parts of the world to study here. Indians in large numbers are attracted to this destination to pursue their studies.

The Historical Factor:

Right from the days of early history, culture was a pre-dominant part of the country. The history of the country is long and interesting. The country was under the influence of Russian empire for a long time. However, it was in the year 1990 that the country gained independence. A national constitution was also adopted for the country, and the sole authority of running the government was given to the president.

The Geographical Factor:

The country is landlocked by various countries. The terrain of the country is flat with large tracts of marshy lands. 40% of the country is covered by forests, but with passage of time, the percentage is gradually decreasing. Many streams, rivers and lakes are found in this country. The highest point is located at 345 meters above the sea level.

The Climatic Features:

The climate ranges from mild to moderate, especially during the winters. The summers, on the other hand are cool and moist. The country lies in a transitional zone between maritime climates and continental climates. International residents do not face any difficulty while experiencing climatic features here.

Selection of Belarus:

In the recent years, the popularity of Belarus as an international destination for studies has increased. Majority of the Indian students are interested in pursuing education in this country. The educational facilities and infrastructure facilities are as good as any other medical college in India or anywhere else in Europe. Since the competition level is low, it becomes easy for the students to acquire education here. Most of the programs are designed in English medium so that the students are not pressurized to compulsory learn the language of the country.

Acquiring MBBS in Belarus:

Among the different medical programs acquired in Belarus, MBBS is one of them. The facilities that are offered to the international students are quite of world class standard. Most of the programs are of 6 years duration, and they include a combination of both educational courses and training sessions. This gives enough opportunities to the students to acquire the essential knowledge. In addition to that, there are enough hospitals for the students to practice their skills.

Most Renowned Universities:

The government of the country encourages students in large numbers to acquire medical education here. There are many universities that offer opportunities to the Indian students. Some of these include Gomel State Medical University, Vitebsk State Medical University and Grodno State Medical University. These universities are accredited by the World Health Organization and Medical Council of India. Thus, after completing the MBBS education from this country, students can acquire their license and apply for jobs in Belarus or in any other country of the world.

Affordable Fee Structure:

The fee structure in most of the medical universities in Belarus is quite affordable. As a result, it attracts the Indian students to fulfill their dream of pursuing world class education. Along with the reasonable fee structure, the cost of living is affordable. The students can pay the fees in two semesters, if they have difficulty in paying the entire fees at one time. The fee is about $3900 per year. The other fee includes registration fee, insurance and registration which might be around $1300 and has to be paid on arrival.

Admission Procedure:

Students have to sit for an entrance test conducted by the university before enrolling for the same. The students enrolled will be admitted to the preliminary training course following which they will be transferred to the 1st year of basic facilities.

Finding Hostel Facilities:

Finding accommodation is not a big deal in Belarus. Most of the medical universities offer hostel facilities to the Indian students, and the accommodation fee can range from $200 to $400. The hostel rooms are comfortable with high quality services ranging from kitchen, student café, internet, laundry etc.

Availing Means of Transportation:

Transport and infrastructure in the country is well developed. Road transport is the most prominent one, and there are rail transport systems, as well.

Knowing the Cuisines:

The cuisines of Belarus mainly comprises of vegetables, bread and meat. They prefer foods that are slowly cooked or stewed. They eat light meals, and dinner is the largest meal of the day. Indian people will love trying out the Belarusian cuisines.

Why study medicine in Belarus?

If you are thinking of study medicine abroad than Belarus is the best place because you are given lectures by highly qualified professors with modern labs and most modern techniques in the medical field. That is the obvious reason that every year thousands of foreign students from Europe, Asia, Africa and Arab countries come to study medicine in Belarus.

Once you decide to study medicine in Belarus, you are at right point as Belarus medicine degrees are recognized worldwide institutions.

Reasons why study medicine in Belarus?

1: English medium of instructions throughout the period of study.

2: Medical degree recognized by world institutions.

3: Eligibility for license exams MCI, PMDC, USMLE, PLAB, HPCSA, SCHS etc

4: Belarus medical degree is recognized globally.

5: Very easy admission process at medical schools.

6: Affordable tuition fee.

7: Modern hospitals for student’s internship.

8: A very pleasant and friendly camps life.

9: A very secure atmosphere for foreign students.

10: Above benefits make the Belarus your first choice to study medicine in Belarus.

General Medicine course is taught in English medium of instructions fully for those who are good at English or their country official language is English.

At the Faculty of General Medicine, the educational process is provided in two languages, Russian or English, and lasts for 6 years.

Students choose themselves their desired medium of instructions.


Duration: 6 Years

Medium of Instructions: English

Most Demanding Colleges In Belarus







Est. Year : 1990

Location : Gomel



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Est. Year : 1921

Location : Minsk